"Hmmmm. We don't seem to have any content for this" appears on retailer pages

Hmmmm. We don't seem to have any content for this

This message means that there are no Retailer Showcase and Social Media posts for the retailer.


Adding a New Retailer to Mall Directory

If you are adding a store to your mall's directory this message will always display on the preview page. It is impossible for a retailer to have RSC posts for a mall it has not yet been added to. Social media content will not start populating until after the store has been published to the directory. Additionally, social media posts are updated for published stores on a scheduled basis of two hour intervals, so the posts may not pull in immediately after publishing.


Retailer Is Already Added to Directory

We encourage retailers to utilize the Retailer Showcase to post offers, events, and news. Please direct retailers to www.simon.com/retailpromotions to create an account if they have not already registered. Be sure to approve  their account after it is submitted by logging in the RSC Registration Management tool in Simon Central!

Retailers wishing to link Facebook or Twitter accounts with their retailer profile should have a HelpME ticket fileld out. Select the issue type "Request Facebook or Twitter Account Listing" under the section "Retailer Social Media".  The social accounts will be linked to the base tenant profile which means that we can only accept social account that will apply to ALL franchises of a given store at Simon malls.



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