Changing a Retailer's Social Media and Website Listings

To update a base tenant's website URL or Social Media accounts please fill out a form here:


Please take note that we do not have the ability to customize this information on a local retailer level. Retailer social media and website information is edited at a base tenant level. This means that every location using the retailer's base tenant profile will share the same website URL and Social Media integration. If the retailer exists at multiple malls, this means that the website and social media need to be suitable for all locations. For example, Best Buy's base tenant may have a website listing of but each location has it's own website such as We can't update the base tenant profile to the 2nd link location because all Best Buys at Simon Malls locations would then use that link. 


You may see a field within the tenant editor that says "Tenant URL". This is not the actual field that updates the retailer's website. This is a remnant functionality from the old website. However, you can still fill in this data field so that when we implement the functionality to customize the local tenant's website, we will have the data stored already.


We have hopes to implement this functionality on the website sometime in the future, but this is not yet scheduled. 

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