How to deep link to a search result page or store directory with filters enabled and search page filtering 

We can now pre-filter which types of centers appear on default page load, via simple addition of a url parameter.

For example, if you only wanted to show all US based PO centers, you would link to this page. You can mix and match geo and platform filter.

Full List Of All Possible URLs (also works if you change the domain to (no results) (no results)

Store directory filter options:

We have setup the following four (4) new deep link URL filters, that when passed into the query string, will trigger upon default page load, the desired current filter state to appear within the desktop store directory page:

For the more advanced, we have also setup the filters to be combined. So just for example purposes, here are a few of the many possible combinations:,newstores,deals,newstores,deals,newsandevents,newsandevents,deals,newsandevents

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