How to Update Mall Photos on Website

Q: The mall photos on our website are old. How can I get them updated?


A: The HelpMe Team can assist you with your request. Please submit a HelpMe ticket. See the instructions below for how to fill out the form.


Information we need from you in the ticket: 

  • In the field "What is your request related to?", please select 'Mall Image Issue' under ''.
  • In the description field, please tell us which photos you would like removed. If it is the default image on the mall home page, please indicate that, or if it is an image in the image reel please say which number it is.
  • If you need a photo added, please attach the image files. HelpMe tickets can support attachments up to 20 MB per file, so it should be no issue attaching photos.

Note: Upon completion of a ticket please allow 2 hours for the image updates to display on the website

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