Help Shoppers Find Stores: Add Location and Best Entrance to Store Pages

Q: I want to help shoppers more easily find our stores.  How can I add notes about location and the best entrance for my retailers?  


A: You can add this information to your retailer's page through Simon Central.  Here are the steps.

  1. Log into Simon Central at
  2. Click "Manage Consumer Website Content".
  3. Go to your mall's home page.
  4. Search for the tenant, then go to the tenant page to add location and/or best entrance/closest parking information.
  5. Click "Edit Tenant" on the left side.
  6. Go to the areas called 'Location' and "Best Entrance/Closest Parking, and enter information for these fields. 
    1. LOCATION: The "Location" tip will help shoppers find stores once they are inside the mall.  Use language that will help shoppers walk in the right direction.
    2. BEST ENTRANCE: This tip will advise shoppers on the best entrance, or the best place to park, to access this store.
  7. Click 'Preview' at the bottom of the editor.
  8. If your changes are correct, click 'Publish Pending Changes'.
  9. Your changes will now display on the retailer's page.
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