How do I add a tenant to mall's directory?

Q: How do I add a tenant to my mall's directory?


A: You can add tenants to your mall's directory through Simon Central. Here are the steps.


1. Log into Simon Central at

2. Click "Manage Consumer Website Content"

3. Go to your mall's home page

4. Click on "Stores" or "Browse Stores"

5. Click on "Add New Tenant" above tenant directory

6. Search for "Current Base Tenant" (NOTE: If there is no Current Base Tenant in the system then please visit, and submit a request with the "Add or Modify a Retailer Profile or Store Logo" form)

7.  If you would like to make changes, please fill in information under appropriate fields OR If you don't want to make any changes then scroll down and click "Preview"

8. Click "Publish Pending Changes" on the top. 

NOTE: You MUST submit a base tenant request, if the tenant does not exists. If you would like to submit a base tenant request, please click here. If the change doesn't appear automatically, wait an hour for the changes to go through, and then check again. 

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