Issues with Retailers with Multiple Locations in One Mall

Q: I have two T-Mobiles in my mall, each with its own phone number and description but I can't update their information. How can i fix this?

A: The website is currently not able to handle two tenants with the exact same name. We are aware of this issue and we are working on fixing the problem.

If you have 2 "T-Mobiles" in your directory with the same Tenant Display Name, the URL for would be the same for each listing:{mall-name}/stores/T-Mobile making it impossible in our system to independently update their information.


Workaround # 1

We do not recommend using this method unless it is urgent; this hurts SEO and the retailer may not want their store branded differently. To work around this, you can change the "display name" of the retailer so you could have one "T-mobile" and one "T-mobile Kiosk". When you update the Tenant Display Name this will update the URL to the retailer's page. For example, if you add a "Kiosk" to the end of one of the profiles you will be left with 2 unique URLs:{mall-name}/stores/T-Mobile-Kiosk


Workaround #2

Delete any duplicate retailer you have. If you have 2 T-Mobiles, get rid of one of them. Update the remaining T-Mobile's "replacement description" to provide description, location, and contact information for each. You should probably blank out the designated phone, best entrance, and location fields as well.



Q: Retailer exists at multiple locations in my mall and the logo is duplicated in the directory Grid View. This is confusing. Is there any way to fix this?

A: If a base tenant exists multiple times in the directory, the same logo will show as many times as tenants there are in the directory. 

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