What is a Base Tenant?

A Base Tenant is a profile of a brand that contains information of the retailer at a national level. Any data saved for the base tenant should be applicable to all store locations using the base tenant. Some fields may be customized at a local level in the tenant editor, which will display instead of the base tenant's data.


Data Fields for a Base Tenant:

  • Retailer Name*
  • Retailer Website*
  • Retailer Logo
  •  Tenant Type (select 1)
    • Store
    • Restaurant
    • Cinema
    • Grocery
    • Service
    • Department Store
    • Drug & Convenience Store
    • Education
    • Medical & Dental
    • Entertainment
    • Business Offices
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter page
  • Instagram page
  • Retailer Categorization (ex: Women's Fashions)
  • Brands sold by Retailer (Example, a department store like JCPenney sells Sephora products)

*(can be customized for each location in tenant editor)



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