Digital Directory Support

If content is correct on the website but NOT on the in-mall digital directory...
it means the directory has not yet downloaded new information.

  1. If content was recently updated on website.. wait at least 24 hours for the directory to update
  2. If content still doesn't show after 24 hours it is most likely the directory has lost internet connection or there is a bug with the synchronization process in which case you need to contact the owner of the digital directory

If your mall's directories are leased from Gable you need to contact:
If your mall's directories are leased from AdSpace Networks you need to contact:

If content is incorrect on BOTH the website & the digital directory..

  1. First login to Simon Central and fix the data
  2. Wait 24 hours to confirm website and digital directory are updated

Submit a ticket here for all other issues, or if you are unsure.

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